Friday, November 30, 2018

Revisiting my values

The fourth module of the course I'm taking on finding or reaffirming our calling has focused on values. I've done values exercises before but never with this particular focus: am I manifesting my values in my life in a way that fulfill's my life purpose, my birth?

We had a long list of values and were asked to circle all that applied to us, then copy that list of circled items into groupings of our own design. My groups were mind values, heart values, and spirit vales. But I was left with a large number of others, including hard work, perserverance, discipline, productivity, persistence, etc., that didn't fit in any of the groups.

It was then that I realized that these values weren't native to me, but rather had been imposed by family, culture, schooling. Then I realized that they weren't values at all but rather tools that I could pick up and put down. This new understanding was so helpful for me.

What values or beliefs do you have that could be reclassified as tools, useful but they don't have to run the show?

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