Friday, November 23, 2018

Welcoming the Gypsy Woman into my life

I've been reading Maureen Murdock's fascinating book, The Heroine's Journey, her take on the vast differences for modern women in the trajectory of their lives. She speaks for all of us who rejected our mothers' stay-at-home lives and moved out into the man's world to be successful. She describes in a lot of detail how we have benefited and all that we have lost, both for ourselves and for the world in rejecting the feminine take on life.

As a Jungian, Murdock leans heavily on mythical archetypes and dreams, and one night during a workshop, I went to sleep asking for a big dream, an obvious dream. Here's what I got:

A tall beautiful woman in middle age is sitting in my father's office. She wears a lot of silver jewelry and a long purple dress. She is clearly a gypsy. I ask my father what she wants and he says she is waiting for a reply. To what, I ask. She wants a job and we don't have one for her, he says. I do, I think, and I smile at her and hold out my hand to shake hers. Instead, she clasps my hand at the finers curling them back on my own. I feel an instant bond.

I wrote the dream down the next morning first thing. Then got dressed and went for a walk in the residential neighborhood of the retreat center that was hosting the workshop. As I was nearing my return to the center, I saw a piece of paper on the sidewalk and picked it up to throw away. When I turned the paper over, I laughed out loud. A nudge from my guides for sure.

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