Friday, December 28, 2018

How do you make decisions?

I spent a week with a good friend recently who is a nomad. She has no fixed abode, visiting, traveling, and housesitting instead. She travels lightly in the world and is therefore open to opportunities when they come her way. In a group conversation, she shared with us how she makes decisions and I thought it was a genius idea.

Here are her criteria:
  • She feels authentic enthusiasm for the idea (a hell yes!)
  • She knows it is financially viable.
  • All the logistics around it flow easily (no big obstacles).
  • It is of service to her or to others.
  • It supports her awakening.
I love these criteria and even more, I love this idea of having criteria, of making decision-making easier and clearer. Even if I used only the last one as a guide, what a difference that would make.

What would be your criteria?

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