Friday, December 14, 2018

Working with the active imagination process

Among the many things that Carl Jung is remembered for, the process of active imagination may be one of the most interesting and helpful. Jung believed in the power of dreams to guide us and he taught himself to relax into a meditative state and then dialog with the characters who showed up in his dreams. In some of his writings he talked about this council of advisors who assisted him in making decisions.

After my dream about the Gypsy Woman, I began practicing active imagination. I'd sit quietly for a few minutes, watching my breathing. Then I'd picture her the way I'd seen her in my dream or in the last imagination session. And ask her questions or let he speak to me. Here's a poem I wrote after one of our first sessions.

The inner Gypsy woman
Holds out a ring of keys.
Her empty hand outstretched
To beckon me
Was not enough
To pull me
From my father’s grasp
His love for me, his pride in me
A gift and a velvet chain
Tying me to the past.
Ah, but the ring of keys.
It was as if a cool hand
Touched my brow, my heart, my body
And I believed her
When she said
He does not have the answers

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