Friday, January 4, 2019

Revisiting no and yes

One of the questions for contemplation in this course I'm taking on Jungian thought and vocation is this: Was the essential message about life a Yes or a No from our parents? Knowing that my father was a yes and my mother was a no explains a lot to me about me.

I've lived a life of big cautions and big enthusiasms, and it's interesting to consider this conflict I sometimes feel as both an ancestral blessing and a curse. Where I often find myself is wanting very much to embrace life as a yes and feeling held back by something deep and dark within me. This isn't one of those rational things where I can talk myself into or out of something. It's more of a leap of faith that I need.

So as my next birthday approaches and I realize how fast the last year went and how many years I've already had (and how few may be left), I know instinctively that it isn't good to be in No any longer. That Yes is the right answer. So part of my New Year's reflections will be on my Yeses for the coming year.

What will your Yeses be for 2019?

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