Friday, January 25, 2019

Simplifying with the 3-33 project

I often come back from my annual New Year's creative retreat and its simple living for a week with a strong desire to reduce my stuff and simplify my environment. So when my good friend Sage Cohen told me about the 3-33 project for clothes, I had to know more.

It's quite simple. The brain child of Courtenay Carver at Be More with Less, the 3-33 project asks us to select 33 items of clothing from our drawers and closets and box up ALL the rest for 3 months. This doesn't include underwear, sleep wear, socks or shoes, and workout clothes (I consider my painting clothes part of my workout clothes). Everything else, including coats and scarves, gets pared down. Note that you don't give your other clothes away; you put them away for three months.

It was much easier to do this than I imagined. I put everything on the bed and pulled out the things I'd been wearing the last few weeks: six tops and four pairs of pants. Then I picked out some other tops, a couple of dressy shirts, and a couple of lighter-weight things in case of warmer weather. I put in a pair of dress pants and a pair of capris. I folded up the rest into a large plastic tub and stuck it at the bottom of the studio closet. The coats were harder as I have quite a few and none of them are great. So I chose five and a sweater and put the rest in a second plastic tub and put it my basement storage unit.

All in all, I have my pants in one drawer of my dresser and 21 things in my closet, which is in itself a wealth to choose from. I know just what's there. I like them all. They hang neatly. I love this!

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